Travel by Train

Travel by Train

It's About The Journey Not Just The Destination
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Travel by Train

Some of Our Favorite North American Trips

Train Talk

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What the experts have to say about train travel.

Hear quotes from fellow train enthusiasts and experts that may enlighten you regarding facts you may not known about railway travel and the enjoyment associated with it.

Rail Friend

Eastern U.S.

“When I was six years old I wanted to go across country on the train. Now to get across the country you have to take 3 trains. I don’t do Planes and I don’t do ships.”

Ted Johnston

General Manager

G.M. : Pikes Peak Cog Railway “Stadler is a company out of Switzerland. They are the only manufacturer of cog railroad equipment in the world.”

Pikes Peak

Cog Railway

“Now if you heard and understand these instructions please give me a thumbs up. Alright, Thank you so much. If you did not give me your un-divided attention, good luck.”

Bullet Train

Travel by Train

Some of Our Favorite Western European Trips

Business or Vacation

Business Travel without Cars or Planes

Business Commuting

Avoid the lines at the airport and car rental agencies. Search for a train line that, combined with other forms of public transportation, will allow you to clear your mind while you trip for business or vacation. Wouldn’t you rather sit back and look at the scenery going by or relax and read your favorite book?

Train Travel that lets You Enjoy the Journey – Business or Vacation

There are so many ways to travel. Traveling by train lets you enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Why not relax and enjoy the trip to get to your vacation destination? You will feel better while promoting sustainability. Take in the views and explore new landscapes while in the comfort of your train car.

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